President & CEO, Exploration Place


Situated on twenty acres along the banks of the Arkansas River, Exploration Place offers award-winning exhibits, STEM educational experiences for all ages – from preschool to adult, creative events (rentals and fundraisers) and many supportive programs for home schooling families. The museum’s permanent exhibits include: Where Kids Rule, Explore Kansas, CreatorSpace, Big Mouth, and the award-winning Design Build Fly.  


Over the next several years, the President & CEO of Exploration Place will have the opportunity to build upon the very solid foundation of the museum. The opportunity to be transformative and take the organization to the next level is fully supported by the Board and Sedgwick County. Growth of the programming, physical expansion on the footprint of the campus, and leveraging the excellent reputation of the museum are just a few of the strategic objectives.


Exploration Place seeks a creative and visionary leader who demonstrates a passion for education and life-long learning.  The ideal candidate is a proven leader with multiple aptitudes who understands the impact of interactive, informal learning environments, which may include children’s museums and science centers. S/he has extensive experience and success leading high-performing teams that deliver financially sustainable results.


As the key spokesperson for Exploration Place, the President & CEO will be an enthusiastic, passionate, and outgoing individual who will serve as an ambassador for the museum. S/he will be willing to engrain him/herself into the fabric of the community and seek partnership with board members, donors, elected officials, corporate executives and other supporters.  The ideal candidate will show evidence of successful fundraising leadership that includes the acquisition of major gifts and grants from foundations, corporations, individuals, and the public sector at the local, state, and national level. Experience working in public/private partnerships with a high level of community involvement and impact is beneficial.  


The preferred candidate will demonstrate museum experience with evidence of advancement to high levels of responsibility and leadership. An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is required.  An advanced degree is preferred.  Demonstration of continuing professional education and/or accreditation in a professional field would be highly desirable.


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