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Springfield, MA


VIABILITY is a 501(c)3 corporation, CARF-accredited Community Rehabilitation Program, which provides job training and placement, housing supports, day habilitation, transportation, day supports, education and case management services daily for over 4,000 individuals with disabilities and other social disadvantages throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and New York. The organization continues to be driven by the belief that every individual, no matter their ability, can be a valuable contributor to our community and our workforce.


VIABILITY was established in 2017 through the merger of two long-standing and highly reputable organizations: Community Enterprises, Inc. and Human Resources Unlimited.  Over the past two years, the Board, staff, and stakeholders of VIABILITY have worked through the integration of these two respected organizations to develop the internal infrastructure and culture required to move forward as a unified entity. The incoming President will have the opportunity to further the organization’s development as a merged entity as it continues in the years ahead.   


In recent years, VIABILITY’s unique Corporate Inclusion Solutions program model has been recognized nationally as a unique approach to workforce solutions for major employers across the country. The incoming President will have the opportunity to explore the best course of action for this growth and lead its development.  


The candidate we seek will be an experienced, proven and effective senior leader who is passionate about improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and special needs.  This entrepreneurial individual will bring leadership characterized by a visionary outlook; the ability to garner broad internal and external support; extraordinary success creating strong, effective, collaborative teams; sound business, financial and management acumen; the propensity to increase the visibility and philanthropic resources for the organization; and, the fortitude to carry forward major new projects and initiatives in the interest of spurring further growth.  Experience in organizational growth through acquisitions is a plus and experience with board governance, development, management and engagement is preferred.    


A graduate degree is required. Affiliation with and leadership in local, state or national professional associations and continuing education and professional development is a plus.    


For more information about VIABILITY, visit www.viability.org.

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